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Using folder references instead of inidividual files under ‘Copy Bundle Resources’ in Xcode to organise your layout

The Why I was getting pretty sick of seeing this layout under Targets > Build Phases > Copy Bundle Resources: This was a result of simply dragging and dropping the images folder (and/or files) directly into Xcode’s sidebar. Note the color of the images folder within the sidebar – it’s manilla. However, rather than dragging […]

Adding images in Markdown (and iA Writer… and Swift)

Keepin’ it Swift This is a Swift blog after all, so I would be remiss if I didn’t somehow tie-in a Swift easter egg here. The ever-amazing Swift evangelist, @ericasadun has written a great article on using Markdown in Xcode 7 comments to beautifully format your Swift header documentation (she even shows how to add […]

Vector vs. Raster

For anyone who’s not privy to the terms ‘raster’ or ‘vector’ – in the context of pixel-based imagery – the defining attribute boils down to the following: vector images can scale infinitely. Vector Regardless of whether you’re viewing a vector at 1x zoom or 10x zoom the shapes that make up that image are going […]